With regards to the Kumamoto Earthquake in April 2016, Pâtisserie Glacé has been regularly donating our being class proceeds and sales of madeleine and choco madeleine special pack.  We will continue to support to those who are suffering from the disaster.


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On 14 & 16 April 2016, Kumamoto in Kyushu Island, Japan experienced 2 huge earthquakes. There are thousands of people who has lost their houses, who are suffering from injuries and illness due to the prolonged stay in evacuation shelters, and also who lost their loved ones. Pâtisserie Glacé, as a Japanese pastry shop, has acted fast to donate all our baking class proceeds from the Baking Classes held on 1 May 2016, and ongoing sales of special single packs of madeleine and choco madeleine to the Japanese Red Cross via Embassy of Japan, Singapore.  The total amount of donation has come to SGD872.50, and we would like to thank you for supporting us in your kind efforts.



Receipt for Kumamoto Earthquake



Pâtisserie Glacé is a Japanese pastry shop and feels for the many thousands of people affected by the twin disasters of epic proportions in the Tohoku area.  To act, we will be donating all of our baking class proceeds, and a percentage of our total sales proceeds starting from March 2011 to the Singapore Red Cross.  Since Jan 2012 we will donate to Japanese Embassy in Singapore in stead of Singapore Red cross.


We are not soliciting any donations from our customers.  If you wish to do a direct donation, you may do so in person at the Embassy of Japan at 16 Nassim Road S(258390), which is the collection agency on behalf of Japan Red Cross as of January 2012. 
個人的にシンガポール赤十字社への寄付をお考えの方は、住所:15 Penang Lane, Singapore 238486 ドービゴーMRTの近くにあります。
We appreciate very much the support from our baking class students and customers, and truly believe we can Bake, For GoodTM
グラッセの理念「Bake, For GoodTM」にご賛同ご協力いただきありがとうございます。グラッセのお客様、ケーキ教室の生徒の皆様に、再度心よりお礼申し上げます。
Month of Contribution Amount SGD Receipt
Mar 2011 1,500.00 For March
Apr 2011 2,000.00 For April
May 2011 1,200.00 For May
Jun 2011 1,000.00 For June
Jul 2011 700.00 For July
Aug 2011 600.00 For August
Sep 2011 700.00 For September
Oct 2011 700.00 For October
Nov 2011 700.00 For November
Dec 2011


For December

 2011Total  $9,900.00
Month of Contribution Amount SGD Receipt
Jan 2012 400.00 For Jan
Feb 2012 800.00 For Feb
Mar 2012 800.00 For Mar
Apr 2012 400.00 For Apr
May 2012 500.00 For May
Jun 2012 550.00 For Jun
Jul 2012 350.00 For Jul
Aug 2012 450.00 For Aug
Sep 2012 400.00 For Sep
Oct 2012 500.00 For Oct
Nov 2012 650.00 For Nov
Dec 2012 800.00 For Dec
2012 Total  $6,600.00
Grand Total 2011 + 2012 $16,500
Month of Contribution Amount SGD Receipt
Jan 2013 250.00 For Jan
Feb 2013 200.00 For Feb
Mar 2013 400.00 For Mar
Apr 2013


For Apr

May 2013


For May

Jun 2013


For Jun

Jul 2013


For Jul

Aug 2013


For Aug

Sep 2013


For Sep

Oct 2013


For Oct

Nov 2013


For Nov

Dec 2013


For Dec

2013 Total: $4,850.00
Month of Contribution Amount SGD Receipt
Jan 2014 300.00 For Jan
Feb 2014  250.00  For Feb~Jul20140815_00001_1
Mar 2014  300.00
Apr 2014  350.00

May 2014


Jun 2014

 300.00  “

Jul 2014

 250.00  “

Aug 2014 – Aug 2015

 2000.00 LOA 0815